PAPERS (in progress)

Below is a list of some of the papers that I am currently working on. 

15) “Foucault, Conceptual Engineering, and the Nature of Power

14) “On the Diversity of Aims in Normative Inquiry” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

13) “Topic Continuity for Conceptual Engineering and Beyond” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

12) “On the Nature and Foundations of Epistemic Normativity” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson) 

11) “The Rule of Recognition, Shared Activity, and the Nature of Law: On the Relation between Hartian Positivism and Shapiro’s Planning Theory of Law

10) “Genealogy and Conceptual Engineering in Pettit’s The Birth Of Ethics” 

9) “Error Theory, Realism, and The Conceptual Ethics of Normativity” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

8) “The Disunity of Legal Reality” (co-authored with Daniel Wodak)

7) “Nontraditional Models of Authoritative Normativity” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

6) “Constructivism, Attitude-Dependence, and the Explanatory Project of Metaethics” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

5) “The Supervenience of the Normative and the Epistemology of Essentialist Explanations” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

4) “The Varieties of Idealization and the Politics of Economic Growth: A Case Study on Modality and the Methodology of Political Philosophy

3) “Essence, Grounding, and the Nature of Metanormative Non-Naturalism” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

2) “Generics and Metalinguistc Negotiation” (co-authored with Rachel Sterken and Tim Sundell)

1) “Legal Positivism and the Real Definition of Law” (co-authored with Daniel Wodak)