PAPERS (in progress)

Below is a list of some of the papers that I am currently working on. 

16) “Metaethical Naturalism and Legal Positivism” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

15) “On Expressivism and Epistemological and Metaphysical Challenges in Metaethics” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

14) “Authoritative and Formal Normativity” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

13) “Reflections of Some Varieties of Metalinguistic Negotiation” 

12) “Legal Interpretation, Conceptual Ethics, and Alternative Legal Concepts”

11) “Strong AI and The Foundations of Ethics” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

10) “Adventures in Topic Continuity” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

9) “Topic Continuity and Metaphysics” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

8) “Foucault, Conceptual Engineering, and the Nature of Power

7) “On the Diversity of Aims in Normative Inquiry” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

6) “On the Nature and Foundations of Epistemic Normativity” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson) 

5) “The Rule of Recognition, Shared Activity, and the Nature of Law: On the Relation between Hartian Positivism and Shapiro’s Planning Theory of Law

4) “After Metaethics? Error Theory, Realism, and The Conceptual Ethics of Normativity” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

3) “Conceptual Ethics and the Categories of “Ideal” and “Non-Ideal” Theory in Political Philosophy: A Proposal for Abandonment” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

2) “Constructivism, Attitude-Dependence, and the Explanatory Project of Metaethics” (co-authored with Tristram McPherson)

1) “Appeals to Ordinary Language” (co-authored with Nat Hansen)